The Dental Kraft Dental Laboratory was established in 2005 by Aleksandar Blazhevski, an experienced and distinguished dental technician. We have an excellent team and state-of-the-art equipment, and we are known as leaders in making dental products for the domestic market. The quality of fabrication, impeccable service, affordable prices and cutting-edge technology are the keys to our success. This is why thousands of clients from the country and abroad have decided to use our services.

Aleksandar Blazevski

We have the latest computers, scanners, 3D modelling programs and other equipment at our disposal, but we are especially proud of our laboratory which includes the new CAD/CAM centre, which is equipped with the newest model of ultra-modern computer-operated machine of German make. We use exclusively verified and high-quality material from renowned global manufacturers, which are safe, secure and comply with all norms and standards. Our work is fast, efficient and of high quality. We constantly invest in new equipment and the education of our employees.

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Dental Kraft Laboratory 01 4

Our laboratory improves continuously, and implements new trends and technologies in the field of dental technology and dentistry. We offer a wide range of dental products, and above all specialise in making:

  • metal-free ceramic;
  • metal ceramic;
  • reconstruction over implants; and
  • combined products.

Our business strategy is based on the principles of excellent service, high quality and affordable prices. In every aspect of our business we do everything that is necessary for our associates and clients to be satisfied in every way. Unlike our competitors, it is important for us to know that with every implant, Dental Kraft gives you a guarantee for every dental product.

We will gladly answer any of your questions. Whether you are a patient, a dental technician or a dentist from Macedonia or abroad, contact us now. We have the solution to any problem and are open to any kind of collaboration.