The Dental Kraft Dental Laboratory was established in 2005 by Aleksandar Blazhevski, an experienced and distinguished dental technician.
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We have an excellent team and state-of-the-art equipment, and we are known as leaders in making dental products for the domestic market. The quality of fabrication, impeccable service, affordable prices and cutting-edge technology are the keys to our success. This is why thousands of clients from the country and abroad have decided to use our services.

We have the latest computers, scanners, 3D modelling programs and other equipment at our disposal, but we are especially proud of our laboratory which includes the new CAD/CAM centre, which is equipped with the newest model of ultra-modern computer-operated machine of German make. We use exclusively verified and high-quality material from renowned global manufacturers, which are safe, secure and comply with all norms and standards. Our work is fast, efficient and of high quality. We constantly invest in new equipment and the education of our employees.
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Our laboratory improves continuously, and implements new trends and technologies in the field of dental technology and dentistry. We offer a wide range of dental products, and above all specialise in making:

  • metal-free ceramic;
  • metal ceramic;
  • reconstruction over implants; and
  • combined products.

Our business strategy is based on the principles of excellent service, high quality and affordable prices. In every aspect of our business we do everything that is necessary for our associates and clients to be satisfied in every way. Unlike our competitors, it is important for us to know that with every implant, Dental Kraft gives you a guarantee for every dental product.

We will gladly answer any of your questions. Whether you are a patient, a dental technician or a dentist from Macedonia or abroad, contact us now. We have the solution to any problem and are open to any kind of collaboration.

We offer a simple, proven and safe way to get a high-quality product in accordance with your wishes and needs. We make fixed, removable and combined dental prosthetic aids, and offer solutions to your problem in the shortest time possible. The prices of out dental products are 70% lower than the prices of dental products in the EU. We work exclusively with the latest technology and use the best materials on the market, and our products are safe to use. Each dental product goes through final quality control, and each patient that has one of our dental products receives a guarantee.

 We at Dental Kraft believe that the future of dental technology lies with modern computer technology. This is why we selflessly invest in this area and are especially proud of our ultra-modern CAD/CAM centre, which allows us maximum quality and absolute precision when making our prosthetic aids. Dental Kraft’s CAD/CAM centre is equipped in accordance with the highest global standards, so we can make perfect teeth in record time.

The procedure starts with the preparation of the teeth by your dentist. This includes drilling the exterior of the existing teeth in order to make sufficient space to place the ceramic teeth on top. But what about those with insufficient or no teeth at all? The solution is dental implants; they allow for further secure and safe reconstruction. The implant is a titanium screw, which the dentist embeds in the jaw bone, where they fuse quickly fuse together. It is important to know that dental implants are stronger and more durable than bridges or braces and are the best solution, because they structurally and functionally fuse with the bone.


After that, your dentist makes an impression, which he sends to us, then we begin the procedure for making your teeth in our dental technology laboratory. It is necessary to know that to make high-quality teeth your dentist needs to fulfil two very important pre-requisites: to perform good preparations (preparation with a margin is desirable) and to get the best possible imprint.

We perform a scan of the imprint and enter the data that we obtain into the computer. Our computer techs mould your future teeth in a special 3D imaging program, and the computer calculates the necessary parameters quickly and precisely and makes sure the product is flawless down to the smallest detail. After that, we choose the material, and place it in another fully computerised machine where the automated production of your teeth continues. In only a few minutes our modern CAD/CAM system makes the teeth with incredible precision. The dental technicians in the department for ceramics in Dental Kraft make the final adjustments, match the colour, give the teeth a completely natural look and hand them over to quality control. Those which pass the quality test are sent to the dentist, who needs to implant the finished teeth.

The Dental Kraft dental practice is run by Dr. Cvete Pavlovski, a proven and reputable dentist, who acquired his knowledge at the state university in Skopje. His extensive additional education, in Macedonia and abroad (America, Israel, Croatia, Serbia and many others) combined with experience gained in a number of reputable domestic and foreign dental practices, including the prestigious Dentistry Clinic Broadway Dental Houston – USA, enabled Dr. Pavlovski to acquire vast experience and knowledge, which he unselfishly applies in his daily work.

We are proud to mention that the Dental Kraft dental centre is a step beyond ordinary dental practices. We offer a wide range of services to our patients, starting with a check-up, from the simplest dental treatments to the most complex dental procedures in the area of endodontics, dental prosthesis and surgery. The combination of dentistry and dental technology in one place is highly beneficial to patients, as it allows for close cooperation between the dentist and dental technicians, which is a prerequisite for producing high-quality dental prosthetics aids (crowns, bridges etc).

As well as a pleasant and modern environment, the Dental Kraft dental practice features advanced dental equipment that allows for the professional and painless execution of even the most complicated dental procedures. We use only high-quality bio-compatible materials from reputable global manufacturers, and we specialise, primarily in:

  • general dentistry;
  • endodontics;
  • dental prosthesis; and
  • surgery and dental implants.

Our business strategy is based on the principles of excellent service, high quality and affordable prices. In every aspect of our business, we do everything that is necessary for our associates and clients to be satisfied in every way. We guarantee every dental prosthesis construction with every implant.

The Dental Kraft dental centre offers a wide range of dental and dental technology services. From a free check-up and consultations with a dentist, the removal of dental plaque, the simplest dental procedures, dental restoration and filling, to complex surgery, root canal treatment, the production and implanting of bridges and crowns, and many other services. But first we would like to mention that the Dental Kraft dental centre pays special attention for the patient’s general well-being as well. For this purpose, we use high-quality products made the by reputable company OCC Switzerland. We work to the highest standards to maintain hygiene in the office, and we pay special attention to the sterilisation of instruments and apparatus. For us, the most important thing is to let our patients know that hygiene at the Office is at the highest possible level and that we guarantee this in every way we can.


One of the most important rules in dentistry is maintaining one’s own teeth. In this respect, the Dental Kraft dental practice has the most sophisticated apparatus ENDO PILOT, which is of German make and allows the use of different programs, depending on the case, in order to properly treat the root canals of the tooth itself. With this modern apparatus, the margin of error is minimal; in other words, success is guaranteed, because the apparatus offers the option for re-treatment, i.e. a second treatment if a previous treatment fails. The use of this apparatus has other great benefits for patients i.e. it allows for the full treatment to be performed in accordance with the highest standards for working in aseptic conditions using the KOFFERDAM technique and means for oral irrigation.


We prepare every dental prosthesis device with the utmost care. During drilling, we take particular care of tooth enamel and the tissue surrounding the tooth so that we can preserve the biological balance between the tooth and the gums. Where possible, we prepare the teeth with a margin which is a prerequisite for the longevity of the tooth and surrounding tissue, as well as the dental prosthesis itself. The procedure is performed as painlessly as possible, and applies the highest standards for sterile operations, which is crucial for making a prosthetic aid which is expected to function for a long time. Dental Kraft uses CAD/CAM, which is the most sophisticated computer centre for making various kinds of dental prosthetics aids, which first and foremost guarantees excellent functionality and superb aesthetics. In other words, because of our experience and strict work regulations, our prosthetic aids enable uninterrupted functions (eating and speaking), longevity and a flawless natural appearance.


If one does not comply with the rules and regulations, a dental implant can become a double edged sword. This is why, here at Dental Kraft, during the planning of dental implants, we use the following methods, which proven to be currently the most successful worldwide:

  • Preparing a 3D or three-dimensional panoramic image, according to which we prepare the software plan for positioning the implants in the bone;
  • Implanting by using the most sophisticated apparatus, of Austrian make (Physio Dispenser), which offers cutting edge surgical intervention programs, which includes various programs for dental implants, depending on the type of bone;
  • Measuring the osseointegration of the implant in the bone with the latest apparatus made by the reputable Swedish company OSSTELL, which is of great importance when the dentist decides when to install the prosthetic aid on the implant itself and what type of prosthesis is the most suitable for the specific case.

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